Teams: TFA FC

The Total Football Academy currently has 50 football teams operating in local leagues.  They also have development squads for year 1s that have team training once a week in preparation for next season.

And our teams will never stop – our eldest groups will move up an age group next season.

TFA FC teams are for Academy players only - to be considered players must attend the academy on a weekly basis to ensure development and improvement. If selected, you will be eligible for midweek training and will play matches on a Sunday. There is a nominal one-off registration fee which also covers all midweek training and match costs. Players will also receive a full TFA football kit with surname across the back and a TFA training kit with initials. The TFA Club is a no-profit organisation.

Joining a TFA team is a great achievement, and we are continuously looking to take on new players and add to each teams’ squads.

Team trials are take place at our academies every week – let us know if you’re interested in joining. 


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