TFA reveal new Nike kits

This week Total Football Academy (TFA) revealed their playing and academy training kits via the umbrella groups official Facebook (Total Football Academy) and Twitter (@TotalFootballUK) pages.

"It's been a busy couple of months for the brand for Louis and I" revealed Socratis Socratous (Sox). "We've been out and about and have spoken to various manufacturers. In the end we both agreed, the quality of Nike kits and the range were the sensible step to elevate the brand to the next level."

Louis Dainty added "We're still dotting i's and crossing t's but the kits have been decided. The feedback from the kids, parents, coach staff nd coaching family on social media sites has been incredible, you only have to see the comments on facebook to see the buzz it's created. We're looking to launch an online store for the TFA community by September/October this year which we know is long overdue."

Louis and Sox have worked together for 3 years now, in which time TFA have grown from 2 to 7 academies with grassroots clubs in 4 different leagues. As well as the online site, a new websites will be launched int he next few weeks.